Saturday, 30 June 2012

Teri Yakimoto

Just another awesome song by a punk rock band that I've listened to a lot. This music just puts me in a good mood and gives me the inspiration I need. It's all about the sound...

Back in 2000 or something, I used to listen to Teri Yakimoto on a badly recorded tape I had borrowed from a friend. Those were the days... didn't care about anything, we just had this music stuck in a shitty stereo and played it on repeat with my friends. It was a moment in time, all about friendship, bad nutrition, staying up late, feeling lost and waiting for something better to come along. But now I miss those times... they were punk rock days!

Now I can listen to this song in a new light, as I rise my middle finger to a life at the office, and so glad of the choices I made.

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